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Overwatch Mei Winter Wonderland Legendary Skin: Blizzard Teases More Unique Ability Skins In 2017

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Overwatch Mei Winter Wonderland

Recently, Overwatch fans showed disappointment on Mei?s new Legendary Skin, Mei-rry, in the?Winter Wonderland event. The skin?s design looks heavily similar to Mei?s regular skin that had Christmas colors and only has a unique Cryo Freeze animation. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan himself has addressed the Overwatch Mei Winter Wonderland issue and said that they?ll improve the next set of Legendary skins that are coming this early 2017.

Mei-rry Christmas?

In Daddy?s thread on the official Overwatch forums, the thread starter asks the Overwatch developers for their definition of a ?Legendary? skin. Due to Mei?s ?Mei-rry? skin design and overall animation changes, some fans were outraged. Particularly, the Mei-rry skin is considered ?Legendary? which means it costs 3000 points to unlock outside the Winter Lootboxes.


Meanwhile, Kaplan replied on the thread and acknowledged the fan interest. He also assured gamers that they?ll do better in the next skin release. Kaplan explained that they?ve categorized the ?Mei-rry? skin as ?Legendary due to the animation changes they did on the Cryo-Freeze ability. However, Kaplan does not think that an urgent change is?with regards to the skin.

Fans expecting a ?Mei-rry? skin rework may have to wait for a while for it to arrive. Previously, Tracer?s ?Over the Shoulder? Victory pose was criticized and players sought for it to be changed. Overwatch developers obliged and changed it to a pose similar to a World War pin-up model. At best, expect a cheeky change coming from Blizzard Entertainment if they ever rework the Overwatch Mei Winter Wonderland skin.

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Upcoming Events Teased

In light of the ?Mei-rry? skin issue, Kaplan reassured fans that this will not be her last Legendary skin. Kaplan said a new Overwatch event will give her another Legendary skin, so don?t worry. Potentially, the Mei skin may arrive in a New Year event or the Chinese New Year festivities. Previously, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that they will have Chinese New Year events, as festive skins and mounts were released in Heroes of the Storm. Potentially, this new Legendary Mei skin may get implemented along with the new Oasis map currently in the game?s test servers.

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