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Overwatch Map Editor Release Date Details And Other Things We Know So Far

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One Of The Maps In Overwatch
The Oasis Map In Overwatch [Image Captured Of Overwatch Trailer]

Blizzard recently launched a new hero for Overwatch in the form of the mechanical Orisa. Changes and other content updates for the game are far from over as Blizzard has more in store for us in the future. Possibly one of the most exciting upcoming features is an Overwatch map editor. 

Shortly after the release of Orisa in Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan took to the game’s official forums to talk about one particular feature. The feature in question is an Overwatch map editor that could further expand the game’s long list of amazing features.

“We are extremely open-minded about releasing a map editor for Overwatch someday. But because Overwatch was made with a brand new engine, this is not a small task or one which can happen any time soon. We have this on our long-term road map and believe heavily in user-made content. But there are many challenges ahead of us and it will be a very long road before our editor can be made available to the public,” says Kaplan.

So far, the Overwatch map editor release date is yet to be revealed, but from the look of things, we may have to wait awhile for it. There’s no need for Blizzard to rush this feature because it could potentially draw in more players than there already is, so they should at least do it right.

When it comes to a release frame, it’s hard to guess when the map editor could come as there are many possibilities. One could look at the upcoming E3 2017 for a reveal or even at BlizzCon 2017. It’s also possible that Blizzard unveils the feature all on their own like how they did with Orisa and Ana’s reveal. However, fans should also keep in mind is that Kaplan clearly stated they have are only considering the feature for now, so players shouldn’t expect it soon.

Possible Features

We’ve yet to know how deep the game’s upcoming map editor is but fans are hoping for something in the likes of Halo 5’s Forge map creation tool. It would be neat to actually create a map from the bottom up and players would be able to showcase their creations online.

For now, players could still spend time with the custom game mode feature that allows them to tinker with the settings and the parameters of a map. However, if the map editor does arrive, then players will have more ways to enjoy the game.

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