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Overwatch Map Editor: What Fans Want

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One Of The Maps In Overwatch
The Numbani Map In Overwatch [Image Courtesy Of Blizzard]

As expected, Blizzard is keen on continuously providing Overwatch players with new ways to enjoy the game. One of the possible future features of the game is an exciting map editor. There’s very little about the Overwatch map editor, but the wishlist of fans regarding the feature is slowly growing. Here’s everything that fans want from the anticipated feature.

Full Control

If Blizzard does introduce an Overwatch map editor, they’d want it to be a full blown map editor that would allow players to create anything they want from scratch. The only limits should be the imagination of the players so that they can create amazing new areas to explore and play.

Easy Access

Another thing that fans would want from the Overwatch map editor is for it to be user-friendly, allowing players to create anything they want right off the bat. It would be hard to create a map if Blizzard introduces an intricate editor. To make things easier, Blizzard should look for the Skatepark editors from the early Tony Hawk Pro Skater games for inspiration. The editors from those games are very easy to use and the learning curve isn’t very big to begin with.

Creation From The Bottom Up

A few players could be skeptical just to how much content players can create with the map editor. Some might players speculate that they will only be allowed to edit preset maps like Route 66, Oasis and Numbani. Blizzard should allow players to create maps from the bottom up so that it’ll be a fully immersive experience that players will enjoy for some time.

Game Modes

Another editor that Blizzard should also look into are the ones from Grand Theft Auto 5. In the game’s map editors online, players can create not only maps, but new game experiences as well. Players have spent countless hours playing new game modes created by the community and this would be a good addition to Overwatch.

Social Features

We should at least expect a few social features from Blizzard when it comes to the Overwatch map editor. Players could be able to vote on other user created maps in the game. Moreover, top ranking creators should be rewarded with a lootbox from Blizzard.

Blizzard could be working on the map editor as of the moment, but Jeff Kaplan did note that if the feature does come, it will take some time. Nonetheless, many are wishing for the new feature to come out soon.

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