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Overwatch Lucioball: How To Use Other Characters

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Overwatch Lucioball

Other than the Summer Games 2016 cosmetics, the Overwatch Lucioball brawl is also part of the event where players play a game of football with three Lucios on each team. However, some fans may trigger a bug that lets them play as the other Overwatch characters and kill the enemy team in this sport-based game mode. Here?s what we know so far on how to trigger this bug.

As seen on supafweak?s thread on the Overwatch Reddit, a player has a footage of Widowmaker headshotting an enemy Lucio in Lucioball. Normally, gamers are restricted to only play as Lucio, and both teams are restricted to harmless melees and Soundwaves to dribble and shoot the ball into the goal. Suddenly having a character that can kill the other players in the Overwatch Lucioball may not always have an unfair advantage and is actually often entertaining to watch.

Currently, Overwatch players don?t know how to trigger this bug that lets them use other characters in Lucioball. However, we tried to search for the bug and got a Torbjorn in the Overwatch Lucioball match. Apparently, this bug was triggered after an ally Lucio left the game near its end and a backfill player took his spot. If backfills actually trigger this bug, please avoid quitting the game repeatedly so as not to disrupt the regular gameplay of Lucioball, unless both teams agree to triggering the bug. ?

Meanwhile, BlameTheController has recorded a gameplay of D.Va in the match. In the video, the D.Va player to have been spamming the hero select button in Overwatch Lucioball, which may have caused a random character to be picked. However, this trick may not always work as the players aren?t spawned inside the spawn room when the game starts.

The other Overwatch characters spawned in Lucioball retain their regular abilities and damage like in a normal game. The unfair advantage is that these characters can deal damage and hurt the enemy team.

Disarmed of his healing aura and primary fire, enemy Lucio can only run away if being attacked, and the lack of health packs in the area may leave him bleeding throughout the match. However, Lucios can use the jump pads and improved speed when wallriding to elusively evade the characters aiming to take them out of the fight.

As for other cases, Reddit user Kochplattejunior has recorded a Winston in the Overwatch Lucioball match. If you?re really looking out to trigger this bug, you might just have to keep playing Lucioball in the game.

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