Overwatch Lucioball Glitch: Will Blizzard Ban You For Using Other Heroes?

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Overwatch Lucioball

Recently, game director Jeff Kaplan warned players about abusing the Overwatch Lucioball glitch that allows them to choose a different character in the Summer Games 2016 special Brawl Mode. Playing different characters in Lucioball still allows them to deal damage and eventually kill the enemy team. Here?s what we know so far about this issue.

On the official forums, Kaplan warned players not to abuse the Overwatch Lucioball glitch in the game while they?re working on fixing it. In the game, Lucioball restricts players to use only Lucio with modified abilities to play soccer in Estadio Des Ras. The glitch allows players to use other characters in Lucioball.

Unlike Lucio, these characters are brought in in their vanilla version, which means they can deal damage and have access to their regular ultimate abilities, to the heavy disadvantage of the Lucioball version of Lucio. If these characters are brought in early in the match, their allies may enjoy an uncontested amount of pressure due to the potential damage they can do.

Recently, some players were able to trigger this glitch through spamming the hero select button in a Lucioball match. If lucky, the player may enter the game?s hero select screen for a split-second and be able to randomly pick any other character besides Lucio. While this occurrence seems funny if triggered accidentally, exploiting the bug may allow some players to farm victory experience in Lucioball due to the unfair advantage it gives.

It actually doesn?t matter if a team gets a glitched character with low damage output; the glitched character can actually pressure the enemy team to run for their lives while his own allies try to score. Alternatively, the glitched characters can also shoot the ball using their own skills and weapons.

Currently, the punishment for exploiting the glitch hasn?t been confirmed yet. However, Blizzard Entertainment is known to be harsh in doling out punishment to cheaters. Caught cheaters had their accounts banned and locked from Overwatch for life. While it might be extreme to get an account ban for abusing the Overwatch Lucioball glitch, it might not be wise to test the game?s security systems.

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