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Overwatch Loot Boxes: How Blizzard Can Improve Event-Exclusive Rewards

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Overwatch Anniversary Event Skins
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Blizzard’s most recent event is fun for a lot of players as it has brought them more than 100 new items to collect. In lieu of the game’s anniversary, Blizzard introduced event-exclusive items like it did with its previous events. However, players are complaining that the current state of the Overwatch loot boxes is making it hard for players to grab worthwhile cosmetic items during events.

The Overwatch community expressed their concerns over the state of Overwatch loot boxes as not all players are happy with what they’re getting, especially during events. Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan simply acknowledged the recent concerns and he said that Blizzard is looking into the issue for future reference. Players are saying that an Overwatch loot box overhaul is needed and here are some things that Blizzard should do.

More Gold For Dupes

One of the complaint of players is that they are often getting item duplicates whenever they open a loot box. Many are saying that the Gold exchange for duplicates is rather small, especially for event items. This leads to a lot of frustration as getting loot boxes aren’t easy and if duplicates are in it, the task seems more bothersome to do.

To answer this issue, the best Blizzard could do is increase the Gold exchange for duplicate event items. This is needed especially for skins since event skins aren’t that too many to collect anyways. Increasing the Gold exchange for a few hundred more could do.

No Duplicates Of Event Items

Another way Blizzard could address the duplicate issue is to remove duplicates for event items entirely. Duplicates of the regular items are okay since players don’t have to rush themselves in getting them but for events, it’s a completely different story as players have a limited time to get them all. Having duplicates for event-exclusive items seems like a rather unfair loot system.

Guaranteed Legendary Skins After Set Number Of Loot Boxes

The most important item for players to collect during the event are the Legendary skins. Since the Loot Boxes don’t always come with guaranteed Legendary skins, this poses as a big problem for many as getting the special items require a lot of determination and luck. To address this issue, Blizzard could give players a guaranteed Legendary skin after meeting a set of conditions. That condition could be something as simple as acquiring a set number of loot boxes.

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