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Overwatch Loot Box Changes In China Reveals Predetermined Item Drops

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Blizzard has announced a new system that allows players to earn in-game credits by purchasing loot boxes with real-world money. However, the exchange rate reveals a predetermined pattern of good item drops from loot boxes. Here’s what we know about the Overwatch loot boxes changes in China.

Extra Credit

According to the Chinese Overwatch forums, update 1.12 will also add in-game credits to the Overwatch loot box bundles. Here’s a list of the new credit bonuses for the Chinese Overwatch servers.

  • 5 Credits and 2 Loot Boxes – 12 Chinese Yuan ($1.77)
  • 15 Credits and 5 Loot Boxes – 30 Chinese Yuan ($4.41)
  • 30 Credits and 11 Loot Boxes – 60 Chinese Yuan ($8.83)
  • 60 Credits and 24 Loot Boxes – 120 Chinese Yuan ($17.65)
  • 120 Credits and 50 Loot Boxes – 238 Chinese Yuan ($34.42)

Chinese laws also required the Chinese Overwatch servers to reveal their drop rates. According to Neogaf’s Nirolak, Chinese Overwatch loot boxes always contain one Rare (Blue) item at the least. Meanwhile, Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange) have an 18.2% and 7.4% drop chance, respectively. On average, players can get one Epic item per 5.5 boxes and one Legendary every 13.5 loot boxes.

So far, the credit rewards seem too far from buying most of the good items. The event exclusive legendaries cost around 3000 credits and event epics cost 750. The highest credit rewards barely touch the expensive cosmetics in Overwatch. Players would have to buy at least 25 50-pack loot box bundles to buy one event legendary skin from this system.

Comfort For The Fans

If this drop rate is true for all servers, players would just have to keep leveling up to 14 levels to get at least one Legendary cosmetic in Overwatch. However, players will still have to account Random Number Generator (RNG) chances for getting a good or bad roll from this system. Potentially, players can still get lucky and get four Legendaries in one opening. On the other hand, players can get Legendary duplicates too.

Current Loot Box Systems

As of now, the other Overwatch servers like the Americas, Europe, and Asia server have yet to confirm if this is implemented in their servers. The Chinese Overwatch loot boxes are also a little cheaper than the usual US prices.

Currently, the Overwatch Anniversary Event is still ongoing. Players can still avail of the special Anniversary exclusive skins through the event loot boxes. The Chinese system looks like it’ll help but it’ll still take a lot of time, effort, and optional spending to get the cosmetics that you want.

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