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Overwatch Legendary Skins For Sombra, Zarya, And Hanzo In Production

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Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed legendary skins for Sombra, Zarya, and Hanzo on the official forums. However, the exact release dates for these upcoming skins haven’t been announced. Potentially, these new skins could be released in celebration of another Overwatch event or new Overwatch maps.

Kaplan’s Confirmations

Recently, Kaplan has confirmed on various Overwatch forum threads the upcoming legendary Hanzo, Zarya, and Sombra skins. Kaplan confirmed three skins for Hanzo, two skins for Zarya, and one skin for Sombra. Only Sombra’s skin release window was confirmed to be coming in a “few months.” The other two skins didn’t have exact release dates or upcoming events were not mentioned during the confirmations of these skins.

Legendary Skin Releases for These Characters

Hanzo and Sombra have yet to receive a new legendary skin from updates. So far, Hanzo’s Demon skin from the Halloween event and Sombra’s Peppermint skin are just epic (Purple) rarity skins. Sombra getting a legendary skin later is understandable as she is a newer hero. However, Hanzo is included in the initial release and is infamous in the fan base itself. Hanzo’s character and fan reputation must be noticed sooner or later through legendary skin releases soon. Meanwhile, Zarya has already received two new legendary skins in the Overwatch Summer Games last August 2016.

Potential Overwatch Events

At best, the Overwatch team had new legendary skins tied into each of its events or new major releases. Potentially, Overwatch is already lining up a next event soon after the Overwatch Uprising event. Overwatch is just about to hit its first anniversary this coming May and Blizzard may have something prepared to celebrate that. The new Overwatch Sombra, Zarya, and Hanzo skins might be bundled all in one release if this is the case.

Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment has also tied in new legendary skin releases along with a map’s release. The Eichenwalde map gave Reinhardt two new legendary skins upon its release. However, while, Oasis map didn’t give new skins, Overwatch doesn’t have a native character from the said area yet. Potentially, the next maps could be set in Russia, Japan, Mexico, or even Spain if the new legendary skins are tied to map releases.

So far, Overwatch already has Volskaya Industries in Russia, Hanamura in Japan, and Dorado in Mexico. However, the game already has two maps, Hollywood and Route 66, set in the United States which means that setting duplicates isn’t impossible in this game. For now, we’ll just have to wait for these new skins release dates.

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