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Overwatch Leak: Insider Claims Three New Heroes In 2017, Huge Event On May 24 [Rumor]

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Overwatch Leak
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

An Overwatch leak about the next playable heroes has spread online. Apparently, the leaks state that the three next Overwatch characters are Doomfist, Bria, and Ivon while another in-game event is expected this May 24. However, the leaked information came from an unusual source which makes it doubtful for this leak to be true.

Leak From 4chan

The Overwatch subreddit has discussed QAAustinAutist’s alleged “leak” on the 4chan message boards. His leak contained release dates for these three new heroes set for a 2017 release and a large event this month to celebrate the game’s anniversary. The leaker claims to be an employee from Blizzard Austin.

New Hero Information

The leaks state that Doomfist’s release in the Overwatch PTR is just “days away” as he’s going to be released in Q2. Meanwhile, Bria is slated to be released in Q3 as this hero has just begun testing. Lastly, Ivon will be released in Q4 and is apparently in his concept stage.

Characters designs about these new heroes were also talked about in the leaks. Doomfist apparently looks similar to a Gears of War character while Brio is a small girl who’s an inventor. Meanwhile, Ivon is a tall, lanky, elderly man who carries a tablet and a silenced gun. If the leak prove true, let’s hope that they change up Overwatch’s competitive meta to freshen up its gameplay.

Incoming Event and Singleplayer Mode

QAAustinAutist also mentioned about a new Overwatch event to arrive this May 24. Somehow, it makes sense that Overwatch team has an event prepared as it is Overwatch’s first anniversary on that day. Lastly, a Overwatch’s single-player mode that covers Omnic lore is also allegedly being worked on.

Leak Content Too Good To Be True?

The leaks have also been deemed “fake” by most fans due to QAAustinAutist being different from the previous Overwatch leakers. Apparently, this new leaker isn’t the one who revealed information and concepts about Orisa prior to her release. Players and fans are heavily encouraged to take these information with a grain of salt.

Current Overwatch Events And Updates

As of May 2, the Overwatch Uprising event has finally concluded and no other events are officially confirmed to follow this up. Meanwhile, the Overwatch test servers have just received a new patch containing character tweaks and no new major content. Fans will have to wait until Blizzard Entertainment or the Overwatch team to announce any large content updates for the game soon.

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