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Overwatch Leak: Doomfist Is A Heroine! Release Date, Abilities, And More Details Confirmed

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Danai Gurira As Doomfist
Danai Gurira Plays Doomfist In Overwatch [Image Courtesy Of Tune Media

After the launch of Orisa in Overwatch last month, it seems like fans are finally getting an early look at the next hero coming to the game. We won’t have to wait long before getting our hands on the character as there’s already a release date set for her. Here’s all the new hero details revealed in the recent Overwatch leak featuring Doomfist.

Doomfist Leak!

Surprisingly, actor Terry Crews is not the one to voice Doomfist. It’s none other than The Walking Dead’s Michonne, Dania Gurira! The wearer of the Doomfist Gauntlet is Latrellia Spencell. The character’s origins can be traced back to Numbani. If fans remember the story reveals for Orisa in February, it was Doomfist that attacked Omnics. We’ve yet to know the motives behind Latrellia’s attack on Numbani Airport and the Omnics, but we’re likely to see the background story in the weeks prior to her release.

Release Date

Surprisingly, the release date for Doomfist will be sooner than expected. Doomfist will be available in Overwatch’s PTR on May 8. As for her release, the leaks notes that she will launch on all platforms before June. This is surprising as past hero releases had 4 months in between. This is by far the shortest time frame between the past two heroes for Overwatch.

Skills And Stats

According to the Overwatch leak, Doomfist will be the second melee hero coming to the game. Like the other melee character, Reinhardt, Doomfist will be a Tank. She’ll be utilizing the Doomfist Gauntlet in battles. She’ll have an HP of 700, which would compensate for her short-ranged attacks and her inability to release a barrier.

Doomfist will have a secondary attack called Fury. Her secondary attack will see her using her left fist; the one without a Gauntlet has quick but less powerful strikes. As for skills, Doomfist will have Power Stomp and Brace Fists.

Power Stomp will function similarly to Reinhardt’s Earthshatter. However, Power Stomp will stun foes around Doomfist. It won’t cause any damage but any hero caught in Power Stomp’s range will be stunned for 2 seconds. Brace Fists on the other hand will make Doomfists’ next attack deal double damage.

Her ultimate skill is Meteor and it has the potential to kill low health characters like Tracer in one strike. After channeling for a second, Doomfist will unleash a powerful punch with the Doomfist Gauntlet. It can affect heroes in a small range in front of Doomfist. Moreover, Meteor will cause triple damage if the hero is caught between Doomfist and a wall.

Check out more of the Overwatch leak here.

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