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Overwatch Is Free To Play On Novemnber 18-21

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Overwatch closed beta is coming in february with new progression system, new maps, game mode and more

Overwatch has become one of the best games of 2016, and has already made place for itself as one of PC?s best games of all time. Well, at least to Google it is. But I?m sure many others share this sentiment.

With Overwatch?s innovative multiplayer gameplay, rich content, and overall great hype, almost everyone wants to play the game these days. The only thing stopping most would-be players is the game’s pay wall. But that won?t be problem soon enough.

It Will Be Free!

If you?ve always wanted to try Overwatch but couldn?t afford to drop the cash yet, then you?re in luck. The game is set to become free to play very soon!

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Yes you read that right. Overwatch will be free next weekend , 11 am PT on November 18 and will end at 4 PM ET on November 21. The game will be free for all the major systems, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

All the free players will be welcomed to a wealth of content on the game. 13 maps and all 22 heroes will be available to use. Custom Games, Weekly Brawl, and Quick Play are all accessible. ?Four different game modes will also be playable to all free players. These are Escort, Assault/Escort, Assault, and Control.

To free players who become impressed with the game, it?s noted that all progress made during the free trial period will be kept if the game is ever purchased. The only feature that won?t be open to free players would be competitive mode.

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Overwatch Update

Overwatch update


If Overwatch ends up captivating you but you still don?t want to opt to pay for it, well we have the perfect alternative for you. Number one Overwatch clone, Paladins is the game for you.

Paladins plays practically like Overwatch, leveraging on the first person shooter MOBA concept.

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However, Paladins isn?t just some bad knock off. The game is very well made and has already garnered a lot of great reviews on Steam.

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