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Overwatch Introduces LGBT Characters to Promote Diversity

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Overwatch seeks better gaming experience with new exciting updates. The latest patch update 2.0 includes a new Arcade Mode and new maps. It will also see the arrival of DLC character Sombra.

Many are surely looking forward to Sombra?s coming. And, she is not the only character that you will get to meet soon. Gaming news claims that Overwatch will be welcoming new LGBT characters in the future.

According to reports, Overwatch lead writer Michael Chuwill will reveal new LGBT characters. It is speculated that these new characters will follow immediately after the arrival of Sombra. Clearly, the company has not forgotten what it said.

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Chuwill recently assured fans, saying ?Like we said, it’s very important for us to have diversity and inclusiveness of all types.? ?That surely includes LGBT characters. It seems the LGBT community will be delighted to hear about this.

The Overwatch lead writer also mentioned that LGBT heroes in Overwatch are multiple heroes. This means just like all the other existing Overwatch characters, the LGBT heroes are formidable too. Fans are definitely hoping that these LGBT characters will be introduced soon.

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Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch?s game developer and publisher, continues to provide players with a better gaming experience. The latest update that the game recently received also has bug fixes. It also brings hero tweaks and in-game updates.

Meet Sombra


Sombra will be the newest playable character in Overwatch. She can be Talon?s hacker combatant. Sombra can be a reliable character for dangerous missions.

The new character in the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game has debilitating attacks and stealth. Game N Guide states that she is definitely a powerful infiltrator. She uses her skills to interrupt enemies and get rid of them with ease.

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Sombra appears to be a difficult character to stop. She can discharge electromagnetic energy against her enemies. She destroys their line of defenses and shields as she hacks them.

So what do you think about the new character Sombra, as well as the LGBT characters coming in? Share us your thoughts through the comment section. ?Keep checking here for more gaming news and updates.

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