Overwatch Insurrection Guide: How To Defeat All Omnic Types

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The Enemies In Overwatch's New PVE Mode
The Omnics In The Insurrection PVE Mode [Image Captured From Overwatch Trailer]

Blizzard has finally unveiled the latest event in Overwatch and it’s an amazing new PVE mode that channels the Halloween events’ Junkenstein’s Revenge mode. Players are going to enjoy the new mode as it’s set to push players once again. Stopping the agents from completing their goal in Overwatch Insurrection are waves and waves of Omnics.

In Overwatch Insurrection, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Mercy and Tracer have to fend for themselves against countless Omnics that have revolted. It’s a pretty daunting task as the new AI enemies are significantly better than the ones in Junkenstein’s Revenge but luckily, there are a few tricks to defeat the few Omnic types in the new PVE mode.


Out of all the Omnics, the Raptors are the quickest. They can quickly close distances which is going to be a problem if the Raptors’ numbers continue to grow. They can attack at melee range only; however, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by these agile creatures.

The best way to get rid of Raptors is to ready Reinhardt upfront. Once the Raptors are near and in groups, Reinhardt’s AoE attack can easily decimate the horde. If players aren’t comfortable with letting Raptors get up close, then Tracer’s quick attacks and Torbjorn’s turrets could thin out their numbers.


The Humanoid Omnics move a lot slower than the Raptors but they deal more damage as well. They also attack from a distance, thus making them more dangerous. Properly placed turrets can do the trick and it would be put to good use if Reinhardt shields it for maximum usage.

It wouldn’t be wise to rush in using Tracer as she could easily get decimated with her low HP and the Humanoid’s high damage. Tracer’s role in a massive Humanoid attack is to shoot as far as possible since it’s going to be easy to take down the slow Humanoids.


The Tanks in Overwatch Insurrection are pretty much like the AI version of Reinhardt. Aside from having a lot of HP, Tanks can deploy shields that block damage for themselves and those behind it. Unlike in a PVP match, it isn’t wise to get behind Tanks to deal unblocked damage as there are troops behind it most of the times. The best way to deal with Tanks is to simply focus fire on it until the shield runs out. Tanks should be the focus of players first whenever it appears in a wave.

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