Overwatch Insurrection PvE Should Permanently Stay As A Campaign Mode

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Overwatch Insurrection
Source: Overwatch TRAILER LEAKED Insurrection Uprising NEW SKINS ohnickel video

Recently, Overwatch fans have received an early trailer leak of the next “Overwatch Insurrection” event. The new event introduces new skins, sprays, and even a PvE brawl mode depicting the Omnic attack in King’s Row, London. While fans usually want all the event modes to stay as permanent features considering they’re all fun activities, there’s some sound reasoning why keeping the Overwatch Insurrection PvE mode is important. 

Overwatch Insurrection PvE

The new Overwatch Insurrection event will feature a PvE mode where players destroy attacking Omnics to protect King’s Row. The new Overwatch Insurrection PvE also introduces the players to the game’s backstory. 

Since Overwatch released in May 2016, the developers have told the game’s lore through several media content outside of the game. Comics, backstory cinematics, and news articles on the official website are some of the ways Blizzard fleshes out the game’s tale. Making the Insurrection PvE a campaign mode is a good way for the developers to finally introduce story content in-game.

Why It Should Stay

The new Overwatch Insurrection mini-game is a brawl mode that features players fighting against a horde of enemy AIs. Previously, players wanted the Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl mode to stay, but the mode was removed after the Halloween event concluded. Potentially, this incoming Overwatch Insurgence game mode can put an end to fan requests for having a dedicated PvE mode outside the co-op vs AI game mode.

Additionally, an Overwatch campaign mode can sprout out from these PvE modes starting with the Insurrection event. Players would be put in the shoes of each characters during Overwatch’s operations before the organization was taken down. Similar to Junkenstein’s Revenge, cutscenes would be kept to a minimum to avoid detaching the players from the action. Blizzard Entertainment can go for several small action-heavy PvE game modes as campaign content instead of the usual long missions to explain a large video game story. This is a great alternative considering Overwatch director recently admitted to GameSpot that it would be a huge undertaking to create a campaign mode.

“For a 6v6 PvP game coming out with a whole single-player campaign is like making a brand new game in and of itself. I’m not sure our players understand the magnitude of development that would go behind that. But certainly it’s a fascinating idea.”

Previous Overwatch Fan Request Successes

After the Overwatch Year of the Rooster event, players were successful in asking the Overwatch developers to let the Capture the Flag game mode stay. Currently, fans can still play the Capture the Flag game mode in Arcade or Game Browser modes. Potentially, Blizzard Entertainment and the Overwatch team may listen to the fans as long as there’s interest to keep the Overwatch Insurrection PvE mode around.

Aside from the PvE brawl, also included in the event are new skins, sprays, and other content that depict the earlier years of the Overwatch characters. The will start this April 11 and end on May 1. You can watch the leaked trailer here. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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