Overwatch Horizon Space Colony Assault Map Easter Eggs: New Territories, Telescope Voice Lines, And More

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Source: Overwatch Public Test Realm in-game screenshot

The new Horizon Space Colony map has just arrived on the Overwatch test servers on PC. The place is heavily connected to Winston’s backstory as he grew up in the area and had to leave it after a gorilla uprising. Here’s what we know about the map’s easter eggs.

Working Telescope

The telescope in the Attack team spawn point is actually usable. Players will need to open up the observation doors through stepping on the button near the telescope. The telescope will now be usable if you hold R near the telescope computer.

The view will show a map around Watchpoint Gibraltar and other marked territories. These labeled territories are in Portugal’s Lisbon, Morocco’s Algiers, and Spain’s Zaragoza. Lastly, a large mark in Murcia, Spain can be seen in the map. The marks are labeled “Potential Landing Point,” which could’ve been Winston’s rocket destinations when he planned to escape the lunar base.

Each character has something different to say when looking through the Telescope. Zenyatta mentions about the “damage” not being that bad from up the Horizon Lunar Base telescope. Zarya also mentions something about the view in Russian. Other characters seem to be appreciative or sentimental of the view, save for Roadhog.

Selective Destruction

As seen in the Horizon Lunar Colony trailer, Winston reveals that the other genetically treated gorillas, like him, fought the scientists in the colony. This conflict implies that the scientists died and the gorillas are using the facility as their own home. However, the signs of conflict in the lunar colony are mostly toppled tables and blocked doorways. No blood or corpses can be found in the base.

Potentially, the cleaning robots shown in the trailer might’ve removed any grim details of the gorilla takeover. The base seems self-sufficient as it still has electricity.

Gorilla Footprints

The Gorilla uprising in Horizon Lunar Colony are hinted at by the footprints on the floor. Most footprints can be found from the Training Facility gym to the computer panels upstairs near the area. The plan seems simple as the gorillas just aimed for food and key parts for their plan. They didn’t wreck much of the large equipment, but furniture and other objects can be found blocking doors. However, the gorilla’s plan to use electronics, like computers and security panels, may hint that they have a gorilla that knows how to use and hack them. It’s also unclear how the gorillas left the moon base after the event.

Horizon Lunar Base release

The PTR build doesn’t have access to Overwatch Anniversary boxes even though the event is still ongoing. Potentially, this new map might be rolled out on the live servers after the event.

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