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Overwatch: Why Hammond Isn’t The Next Hero

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Blizzard has been pretty busy as of late and it’s been teasing a lot of content for Overwatch. The most recent tease for the game has fans eagerly waiting for the 25th hero to join the likes of Reaper, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Winston and everybody else. However, players shouldn’t get their hopes up for a new hero within this month.

After all the teases from Blizzard, fans are now expecting that the next hero for Overwatch is another primate named Hammond. Along with Winston, Hammond was one of the experiments on the Horizon Lunar Colony and it was recently revealed that he escaped from the moonbase. Despite these teases, there’s a good chance that Hammond isn’t the 25th hero for Overwatch.

Efi All Over Again

Back in February, Blizzard introduced the young genius, Efi Oladele, into the lore of Overwatch. People were quick to jump to the conclusion that the Numbani native was the next character for the game. To our surprise, Blizzard launched Orisa instead, who was a creation of Efi Oladele and was a different version of an OR15 unit. Orisa wasn’t even directly teased by Blizzard prior to her release.

The same can be said for the first hero addition in the game. Many believed that Sombra is the first hero addition based on Blizzard’s teases, but players received Ana instead.

Blizzard could be trying to surprise players again with the 25th character. The developer could be teasing Hammond as a character for now but it could still launch a completely different one in the future. Hammond could just play a major role in the game’s lore.

Players are also speculating that Hammond is a chimp which is a far smaller primate as compared to gorillas. Since chimps aren’t exactly suited for combat, it’s very likely for Hammond to have a more formidable figure as his avatar or some sorts, similar to how Efi built Orisa.


After all the leaks and teases, many believe that Doomfist is set to release soon and he could be the 25th hero for the game. With Hammond being introduced to the game’s lore, the rumor mill has spun again. Despite this, many are still believe that Doomfist will come first before everybody else because he’s played a major role in the game’s story already. Hammond being Doomfist all along is also a possibility and it’s a surprise that players won’t see coming.

Tease Could Just Be For The Map

With the space map now available on Overwatch’s PTR, the teases could just be for the map itself. Blizzard has been pretty busy with new content for Overwatch already and a hero at this point looks unlikely as Blizzard would probably want major content releases spread out throughout the year.

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