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Overwatch Glitch: Mei Ice Wall Glitch Sends Community On A Frenzy

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Overwatch is a big game from an even bigger developer, but it still isn?t immune to glitches every now and again. And the latest glitch being abused in Overwatch has already made many players in the community raise hell in and out of the game.

The latest glitch has made the 3v3 mode in the Ecopoint: Antartica too unbearable to play. The new game breaking glitch comes from the popular character Mei and her Ice Wall. Glitch exploiters are able to give them a crude unfair advantage during matches.

Ice Wall Glitch

Mei essentially becomes near invincible in the Ecopoint: Antartica Map in the 3v3 match mode because of the glitch. To do the glitch, players would need to go to a specific corner of the map that will allow them to crouch and create an Ice Wall beneath them.

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Doing this forces the players into an area of the map not meant to be accessed by players. Once there, players are in this inaccessible area, they can easily shoot at enemies from an advantageous spot. And to make things worse, other players cannot shoot back at the exploiter.

Because of this glitch, exploiters are able to win easy matches against players who try to fight in vain or simply stall the match till the end.


Needless to say the majority of the Overwatch community have been sent into a frenzy because of this new glitch. The issue has a been a hot topic on various forums on the Internet.

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Many players are pushing that Blizzard ban players who exploit the glitch and are calling Blizzard out to patch a fix for the glitch asap.

The glitch is indeed game breaking and clearly gives Mei users an unfair advantage. It is expected that Blizzard will send out a patch to fix the glitch very soon. Its also expected that new exploiters will be banned since a similar problem back in July had resulted in multiple exploiters getting banned.

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What do you guys think? Should Mei exploiters be banned or not? Let us know in the comments section below!

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