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More LGBT Overwatch Characters May Come Out After Blizzard Confirms That Tracer Is Gay

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Overwatch character Tracer was recently confirmed by Blizzard to be the game?s first gay cast member. The multi-player first-person shooter video title was released last May 2016. It was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Variety of Overwatch characters

A representative from Overwatch and Blizzard issued an official statement to IGN. “Tracer is a lesbian on the LGBTQ+ spectrum,? they revealed. Considered as one of the game?s more popular faces, she is on the title?s marketing materials.

Those from the Irvine-based game development company said that the twist is similar to real life. According to them, having a variety in the characters? identities and backgrounds makes Overwatch?s fictional universe much richer and deeper.

They also shared how Blizzard has always wanted to make the Overwatch universe more welcoming, inclusive, and diverse. ?Their sexuality is just one part of what makes our heroes who they are,” their statement read.


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Reflections teaser

The revelation that Overwatch?s Tracer is gay was first shown in their graphic novel Reflections.

The latest edition of the Overwatch comics showed Tracer contemplating about being lonely in the past. She then cryptically revealed that this year is ?going to be different.?

The character then received a gift from a stranger and went home to a girl named Emily. After the latter opened the present, they two shared a surprising kiss on the lips.

Prior to Reflections, fans of Overwatch have also depicted Tracer as an LGBT in different social media sites. As such, some were not completely surprised with the big reveal.

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More gay characters to follow?

Fans would remember that Overwatch artistic director Bill Petras hinted at the development some time last year. While at the BlizzCon 2015, he said that the game and comic series plan to feature gay characters. However, the exact date of the reveal was not mentioned.

Furthermore, Blizzard’s Chris Metzen previously talked about having multiple LGBTQ characters. This means that it is possible for more Overwatch characters to come out as gay in the future.

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