?Overwatch? Game Release Date And News: It Will Not Be Free-To-Play! How Much Should Players Pay?

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Some fans might not like this latest announcement from Blizzard: Overwatch will become a retail game.

As many have thought that the online shooter Overwatch will be a free-to-play game like some online shooters, Blizzard dropped a bomb that surprised everyone during Blizzcon. As it turns out, the game will be a retail release with a price tag of $40 for the base version for the PC, and it will also have the Origins edition which will include some premium items such as 5 Origin costumes for 5 heroes (Overgrown Bastion, Blackwatch Reyes, Slipstream Tracer, Strike-Commander Morrison and Security Chief Pharah) and a ton of digital goodies such as Tracer Hero for Heroes of the Storm, Baby Winston Pet for World of Warcraft, Overwatch Card Back for Hearthstone, Mercy?s Wings for Diablo III and Player Portraits for Starcraft 2. You can get this for $60 and it will be available for the PC and the home consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Some fans were disappointed over the news as Blizzard has free-to-play games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm that are getting much receptions and revenues, but game director Jeff Kaplan explained on why Overwatch will be releasing as a full-priced game:

We really made the decision on the business model based on what we thought was right for the gameplay. If you’ve played a lot of Overwatch, you know that hero-switching [mid-match] is a core part of it ? it’s a really fun dynamic part. The difference maker between … Overwatch and other games is the fluidity in the team compositions and matching what the other team’s doing. A lot of the free-to-play models that we were exploring involved people not having access to enough heroes to make those team compositions actually viable. We really didn’t want to change the core gameplay and limit it in some way just to make the game free-to-play.”

Overwatch is currently in beta and the game will be launching around June in 2016 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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