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Overwatch Game Gets More Characters: Evil Characters To Give Blizzard Title Some Excitement!

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The most awaited shooter MMO from Blizzard will be getting updates on their character roster.

Despite having no information on when is the upcoming beta test for the shooter MMO Overwatch, Blizzard is building up the hype with an update of new characters for the game, this it will be focusing on two really evil characters, giving a much diverse line-up of character for the game. You can check out the overview of the two characters

The large character by the name of Roadhog, looks as if it was inspired from the Mad Max films, in the game he uses a Scrap Gun that deals a hefty amount of AOE damage and a cool Chain Hook to pull any unsuspecting enemies to his range, and he can even use it as a close-ranged weapon.

Meanwhile, little guy Junkrat brings a giant spiked wheel trap on his battle, this means he can use it remotely to ram any enemies from harm?s way, he also uses a Frag Launcher and Mines as his alternate weapon.

Overwatch will only be available for the PC, a beta was planned to be available this year, however there no news from Blizzard if the planned beta test will push through for a 2015 launch, most likely it might be moved to a later date, possibly early 2016

Meanwhile, there are some characters that have been featured in Overwatch, showing off some of their unique traits and skills that makes them versatile in different scenarios. Overwatch is a first person online shooter by Blizzard that was announced last November 2014, it focuses more on cooperative gameplay using different cast of heroes on different game modes. Overwatch is set in a near-future version of Earth, years after the resolution of the global-scale “Omnic Crisis”. This crisis put all of humanity under threat of the “Omnic” robots, named as such by their very creators because of their artificial intelligence. To end it, an international task force called “Overwatch” was formed to protect humanity, ending the Crisis.

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