Overwatch: First Strike Cancelled: Lead Writer Michael Chu Explains Why

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Blizzard announced that Overwatch: First Strike is cancelled. The shocking announcement was posted on the official Overwatch forums. It was surely depressing news for fans who have been anticipating the graphic novel?s release.

Lead writer Michael Chu broke the news, saying, ?We?ve ultimately decided to take the story in a different direction.” He mentioned that they are grateful to the team for the fantastic work they put into it.

The graphic novel was expected to tell the story of Overwatch’s founding during the Omnic Crisis. Chu explained that the idea for the comic originated when the game was early on in development, according to IGN.

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Overwatch: First Strike Cancelled

The Overwatch universe has now grown and evolved. Although the core of the story remains, Chu further explained that they ?have changed and expanded upon how we see the events that took place during the first days of Overwatch.?

Chu was able to make it clear that Blizzard understands the desire of fans to learn more about Overwatch‘s founding and its members. It looks like Blizzard still plans to tell it at some point in the future.

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Overwatch: First Strike is previously titled Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis. The story of how the Overwatch strike team was originally founded was set to be released digitally this month. It was also expected to have a physical release in April 2017.

The graphic novel was supposed to discuss the origins of Overwatch?s founding members. These include Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes, Ana Amari, Torbj?rn Lindholm and Reinhardt Wilhelm.

Overwatch: First Strike was described as a “brand-new entry in the Overwatch canon.” It was suppose to come with 100 pages of sequential artwork. Previous reports claim that Micky Neilson was picked to write the story.

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