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Overwatch Event: Possible Storylines For Next Major Event After Uprising

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The Overwatch Uprising event is nearly coming to an end and the community sees it as a huge success. Fans of the shooter have now seen what Overwatch can do with events based on the game’s story and they are going to want more from Blizzard. The floor is open for the next Overwatch event with many hoping that it will be based on the story of the Overwatch team again.

Despite being focused on multiplayer, Overwatch boasts a rich story even before the teases leading up to Orisa. With the game’s huge lore, Blizzard can create a few events based on what has happened to the agents so far. Here’s what the next Overwatch event might be about.

Omnic Crisis

The major event that set up the event of Overwatch was the Omnic Crisis. In this event, a lot of Omnic units, including Bastions, turned their backs on humanity and began attacking. This led to the formation of Overwatch, a group of skilled individuals that saved the world.

Blizzard should create another horde-style PvE mode based on the Omnic Crisis. The characters for the possible event could be the founding members of Overwatch including Jack Morrison (Soldier 76), Gabriel Reyes (Reaper) and Ana Amari. Since most of the PvE modes that Blizzard introduces are 4-player modes, they could also introduce a new character who is another one of Overwatch’s founders. The only unreleased founding member now is none other than Liao.

The European forces of Overwatch recently got their time on the spotlight in the recent Uprising event. Tobjorn, Angela Ziegler (Mercy), and Reinhardt are the original members of the European forces of Overwatch. The events at London showcased in Uprising was Tracer’s first mission and she was the latest addition to the crew.

Winston’s Origins

Before the events of Overwatch, Winston was an advanced baby gorilla who was relocated at a colony on the moon. An uprising by the other gorillas forced Winston to go back to Earth and we have yet to know what happened on the moon after the uprising.

Dataminers have uncovered that there are sound bites for a possible map set in outer space. This alone is enough reason to believe that Winston’s backstory will be explored more soon. It’s possible that the event will be set in the present rather than in the past since Winston was young back then.

What Blizzard could do with this premise is to create a storyline wherein Winston brings in a few Overwatch agents into Horizon Lunar Colony to do a mission. We’re already seeing a PVE horde mode in this setting and based on the leaks, it’s going to be up against the raging gorillas.


Overwatch was formed into little sectors, one of which was Blackwatch. Blackwatch was a covert ops team led by Gabriel Reyes, McCree and the recreated Genji Shimada. Not much is known about the exploits of Blackwatch and an Overwatch event that details what they did for the world would be a good backgrounder for the rest of Overwatch’s cast.

The Australian Liberation Front

While 4-players horde modes are fun and all, we’d like to see how Blizzard would do in a co-op setting. A co-op mode should star Roadhog and Junkrat who are some of the key personalities in the Australian Liberation Front.

When the Omnics were dealt with, the residents were sent to Australia for refuge, but the people didn’t like the idea very much. Roadhog and Junkrat were some of the notorious criminals from the Australian Liberation Front and it would be neat to see Blizzard make an Overwatch event out of this.

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