Overwatch Doomfist: Terry Crews Wants To Voice New Hero

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Overwatch Doomfist

Blizzard Entertainment hasn?t announced Overwatch?s new character as they?ve just released Sombra. However, actor Terry Crews has revealed interest in providing the voice for one of the game?s characters: Doomfist. Here?s what we know so far about Crews as Overwatch Doomfist.

Just Interested or a Tease?

According to SleepyRicky?s thread on the Overwatch Reddit, Crews (TheTerryCrews) said, ?I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST.? Fans showed him extreme support and his post has already reached 5064 upvotes in just a day. It?s unknown if he?s just interested in providing voice work or in playing the character in-game. We?ve yet to see Blizzard Entertainment?s reaction to it.

Overwatch Doomfist = Terry Crews

So far, Crews? acting career mostly consists of comedy and action films like White Chicks and The Expendables. Additionally, his work in the Old Spice commercials made his voice memorable especially in humorous settings. If Crews does take the?Doomfist role, it?s possible that he will occasionally say witty lines or extremely masculine dialogue. Potentially, we may also get a less stoic character in the Overwatch Tank roster.

Doomfist in Overwatch World

In the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer, the child mentioned that Doomfist could ?level a skyscraper? with the gauntlet. The gauntlet was used once in the trailer but was left in a broken state. A fixed version of the gauntlet can be seen in Numbani Payload as the offense team escorts it through the map.

As seen in the Numbani map, the Doomfist isn’t necessarily a?person but a gauntlet with immense strength itself. Since the name is attached to its wearer, it already had the good ?Savior? and bad ?Scourge? owner. For now, ?The Successor? Doomfist hero could be the one that Crews could be playing as. However, we?ve yet to know if the Terry Crews Doomfist will align himself with the former Overwatch agents or the Talon terrorist group. For now, we?ll have to wait if Blizzard Entertainment will really give Crews the Overwatch Doomfist role.

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