Overwatch: Doomfist Shows Potential To Be The Next “Hanzo”

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Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Blizzard Entertainment has recently revealed, Doomfist, the playable hero that many fans have been waiting for. The hero is now playable on the Overwatch test servers and seems to have a skill kit that rewards good offense if he consistently deals damage. Potentially, his skill kit could attract many players that favor reckless and individual tactics that many “Hanzo mains” that the community scorns.

As seen on the official patch notes, Doomfist is now available on the Public Test Region server on the PC. Fans expected this hero to be a new Tank hero but Doomfist is actually an Offense hero. His special abilities are all damaging skills that can disrupt and displace enemies if landed on an enemy hero. Similar to Reaper, Doomfist only has a 250 health pool but he also has a way to stay healthy during teamfights. Doomfist’s passive, The Best Defense, grants him temporary shield health if he lands his abilities. So far, this assures Doomfist’s damage and survivability.

In his PTR build, Doomfist’s damage can be unreliable but devastating if it hits. One full charge of wind-up alternate fire will delete most Offense and Support heroes as it deals 240-250 damage on hit. Even though he deals a lot of damage, his abilities offer stiff and specific bursts of mobility which would require practice to use effectively. His ultimate can also wipe out a whole team in one strike as seen in this video. So far, effective Doomfist play requires players to do well in teamfights and walk out of them alive like Genji and Reaper.

The new hero’s skill kit boasts strong damage and survivability if used well. However, these archetypes of characters tend to attract new players that overly rely on the hero’s strength as seen in Hanzo and even MOBAs like League of Legends’ Yasuo and Dota 2’s Legion Commander, Doomfist, Yasuo, and Legion Commander have a potential to be the match’s powerhouses if given the chance to shine due to their damage-survivability skill kits. Aggressive players of high-damage, defensive heroes like Hanzo and Reinhardt might pick up this character as a result.

For now, we’ve yet to see if Doomfist will make waves in the competitive meta like Ana or stay an unpopular pick like Sombra and Orisa. Doomfist can still get his stats adjusted like the previous post-release heroes as he’s still in the test servers. However, Doomfist presents himself as a resilient brawler which many players would be interested to try in normal matches. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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