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Overwatch Doomfist Teaser Hints At New Character’s Nationality

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After a short wait, Blizzard has once again began teasing new details about the possible next hero for the game. As expected, the spotlight is placed on Doomfist and we got to know more about the character who already plays a major role in the game’s lore. The teaser even gave us a glimpse of the nationality of Overwatch’s Doomfist.

The new teases for the character was released on the game’s official blog. Doomfist is apparently a person named Akande Ogundimu. Players are speculating that the character is originates from Nigeria due to the name. He’s going to be an exciting character joining the roster as the nationalities in Overwatch’s roster expands again.

The nationality of the character also leads the game’s fan base to believe that Terry Crews is indeed voicing the upcoming character for Overwatch. It’s exciting to see how the actor will execute the role since most of Crews’ roles are comedic. Doomfist could be a serious character, considering all the details we know about him.

According to the blog post that’s now unavailable for unknown reasons, the Talon organization targeted a maximum security prison just to free Akande Ogundimu, who’s better known in the game’s lore as Doomfist. This happened three months prior to the attack on Numbani Airport that left countless OR15 unts destroyed.

Being affiliated with the Talon organization, Doomfist joins the ranks of the very few villains in the game which includes Hanzo, Reaper, Widowmaker, Junkrat, Roadhog and Sombra.

Doomfist is the name of a very powerful artifact in the lore of Overwatch. The name is also given to any person that wields the gauntlet. The current wearer is indeed Akande Ogundimu and we could be seeing the character in the months to come. Since Blizzard has already begun the teases, we could be seeing more of the character soon.

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