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Overwatch Doomfist Hero Could Be A Gorilla

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Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new set of Overwatch material about the Horizon Lunar Colony. Potentially Winston’s original home could hold some clues about the next hero. The long awaited Doomfist hero could be a gorilla.

New Reveals

According to the official Overwatch site, Lucheng Interstellar was able to find a Lunar Base map and chat logs between scientists. The general public in the game’s universe doesn’t know its current situation.  Fans think that this Lunar Base will be the setting of a new playable Overwatch map. So far, the three new maps implemented this Overwatch Anniversary event (Necropolis, Black Forest, and Castillo) are restricted to Arcade game modes.

The chat logs are about the scientists talking about their daily lives with the genetically treated gorillas on the moon. The text logs shows how the gorillas are treated as well as the condition of the lunar base’s ventilation system. At the end of the logs, it seems that one gorilla named Hammond has gone missing from the facility and the base goes into an emergency after an airlock malfunction. Lastly, the map shows that Hammond and Winston are not in their cells.

These reveals fits Winston’s, the gorilla Tank character, backstory when he was younger. The character came from a lunar base before he went to Earth.According to Winston’s introduction story, he left the moon to escape the other gorillas like him who’ve killed the scientists in the base to claim the area as their own.  The lunar base’s setting fits in Overwatch as players can take back the base from the gorillas or be a new map in its own.

Next Character: Terry Crews As Hammond

So far, the most notable character in this reveal is Hammond. This gorilla might be the one that led the uprising in the lunar base as he was able to escape his cell. This is the first mention of Hammond in the Overwatch universe and no other details about him are known.

Previous Overwatch leaks say that the next character, Doomfist, will be released during the Overwatch Anniversary Event. No official details are known about the character himself outside smashing OR-15 units in Numbani and Terry Crews wanting to voice the character. Potentially the “Hammond” reveals could be linked to Doomfist because it fits the current time frame. Fan speculation that the next Doomfist wil notl be another muscular man but a large, rational gorilla also fits the character. For now, we’ll have to wait on more Overwatch reveals to know if we’ll be able to play as Hammond or a different character.

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