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Overwatch Doomfist: Everything We Know About The Possible Next Character

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Overwatch’s lore holds a lot of characters that we have yet to see in the game. After Sombra hacked her way into our hearts, it seems that the next agent to join in on the fun is Doomfist. The Overwatch agent has been circulating around the rumor mill for quite sometime now and it may only be a matter of time before we see him. Here’s everything we know so far about Doomfist.

Terry Crews Voicing Doomfist?

Crowd favorite actor Terry Crews has been very vocal about his willingness to voice the upcoming character in Blizzard’s shooter. The actor recently took his sentiments to Twitter and asked fans on whether or not they want to have him voice Doomfist. As expected, the fanbase is more than eager to hear Crews as Doomfist. However, this is also not a good sign for those excited to get their hands on the character as it may still be in the early stages of development as there might be no voice actor yet.

Who Is Doomfist?

In Overwatch’s lore, Doomfist is actually a title given to the wearer of a powerful gauntlet that was said to be able to level skycrapers. The Numbani map in Overwatch holds quite a few references to the hero. For starters, the payload in Numbani is actually the gauntlet that Doomfist holds.

Then in the museum, players can see that there are two previous wearers of the gauntlet. The first one was called ‘The Savior’ and is presumably the good guy. The second wearer is called ‘The Scourge.’ The third image doesn’t reveal a person wearing Doomfist. Instead, the third image shows an outline of a person only. The next and possibly current Doomfist is called ‘The Successor’; there’s a chance that he is going to be the upcoming character for Overwatch.

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