Overwatch DLC: Why We Won’t Get New Heroes Anytime Soon

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Overwatch DLC

Blizzard Entertainment recently rolled out the ?Competitive Play? mode in Overwatch where players have a ranked ladder to climb to become the game?s bests. More than the ranking glory, the feature will also reward players if they?ve won enough matches in the game mode. However, it was confirmed that this first season of the game mode is a trial run to see what works in the newly introduced feature. Here?s why fans shouldn?t expect a new Overwatch DLC character in the game soon.

Due to Blizzard?s focus on balancing the game mode, an Overwatch DLC for new characters may be unlikely until Blizzard is comfortable with the game?s balance. Adding a new character means another variable to balance in the game?s Competitive Play. Like most eSport games, every character in the game will counter and be disadvantaged against another character to create the game?s balance. Suddenly adding the next character will surely affect the game?s balance. It might be difficult for the company to balance the Competitive Play game mode and include a new character at the same time.

However, the chances for Blizzard to tease the next character are high after the second season of Competitive Play mode in September. After Competitive Play Season 2, Blizzard may already have applied the changes needed to fix the problems they?ve encountered in Season 1. Currently, players aren?t too thrilled about the broken or underwhelming features and characters in the Overwatch gameplay. This makes adding a new character crucial to mix up the competitive Overwatch gameplay. If we?re lucky, we might receive an Overwatch DLC update on the next character during the two-week break that Blizzard is planning after every quarter of the Competitive Play season.

So far, Sombra and Liao are rumored to be the next Overwatch DLC characters to be introduced in the game. Fans have been able to rule out that Sombra is some sort of ?support sniper,? and there were a lot of rumors regarding the character a day before the game?s actual release. Meanwhile, Liao is a founding member of Overwatch that?s shrouded in mystery, as his involvement in the organization is yet to be discovered.

Other than these two, Blizzard Entertainment may once again start a new string of blog posts or pseudo news articles about the game?s new character and even modify some of the game?s Easter Eggs as a hint to the players. For now, we?ll have to wait until Blizzard is satisfied with the game?s Competitive Play before they start releasing new characters for players to enjoy.

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