Overwatch DLC: New Stealth Hero Discovered is Sombra?

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Overwatch?s Public Test Realm server has been datamined, and unique voice lines from the current cast about a hiding hero were discovered. Despite the Overwatch DLC hero Ana?s release as the supposed ?Sombra? on the test server, the game never calling Ana as ?Sombra? may actually mean that Sombra is a different character all along. Here?s a video from the Cynical Nerds talking about these updates.

As seen in the video, characters like Reinhardt, Reaper, and Tracer can be seen calling out an ?unseen foe? which could be a voiceline possibly triggered when the stealth hero is nearby. This voiceline could be similar to locating Symmetra?s Teleporter where any character from the opposing team informs their allies if there is one in play. Regardless if the Stealth hero is an offensive or utility type, an unseen threat may always spell trouble for a team?s backline. Cynical Nerds mentioned Team Fortress 2?s Spy character class and Akali from League of Legends are good possible models for the upcoming Stealth hero.

Previously, Ana Amari, the upcoming Support Sniper hero, was speculated to be Sombra based on the game?s promotional videos and easter eggs. However, no concrete clue actually linked Ana to being Sombra, and most of the cast don?t even call her that name. It?s possible that the player speculation about Sombra was off-point as Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan noted that the fans were far from uncovering anything about Sombra. Ana may actually be a separate character from Sombra based on the recently discovered data.

Additionally, the Ana Origins trailer showed a hidden reveal through a code with hex values. Fans on the game?s Reddit said that the code reveals the Spanish phrase ?la que tiene la informacion; tiene el poder,? which means ?Whoever has the power; has the information.? This Spanish quote potentially teases Sombra?s Spanish name and a ?Somb ra? deciphered among the codes as the next hero after Ana.

Additionally, the next potential Overwatch DLC hero may be a stealth hero that focuses more on scouting than killing off foes outright. Perhaps more clues about the next Overwatch DLC hero will come up after Ana?s official release in the live servers.

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