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Overwatch DLC: More New Heroes After Ana In Upcoming Graphic Novel?

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Overwatch DLC

Fans of online shooters went ecstatic when they saw Ana, the newest Overwatch DLC character who possesses sniping and healing abilities. While she is definitely a nice addition, players are wondering when they will see more heroes for the popular online shooter. That answer might come from the original Overwatch graphic novel.

During San Diego Comic-Con 2016, it was announced that there would be an original Overwatch original graphic novel (OGN) that will be published by Dark Horse Comics in 2017. This OGN will tell the story of the original Overwatch strike team, which should make this a must-buy for fans of the epic online shooter.

Dark Horse Comics has had plenty of experience with video game properties, publishing comics for Dragon Age and Halo. The company also worked with Blizzard in the past for a series of World of Warcraft comics.

Will any of the characters from the OGN become Overwatch DLC? It’s a definite possibility. After all, the newest DLC character Ana will be the focus of an upcoming Overwatch digital comic, according to IGN, so anything could happen.

Will any of these characters come to Overwatch as DLC?

So far, none of the characters in the upcoming 100-page OGN have been announced, but we should find out by the time the book gets released. Currently, the graphic novel is slated for an unknown 2017 release date, with no announced creative team yet. It?s likely that Blizzard’s online shooter will still be popular by that time, so fans can expect a few new characters to come soon, some of whom might appear in the OGN.

Those who love the art style of Overwatch will be happy to know that Dark Horse also plans on publishing an art book of the game. This isn’t new territory for the publisher, since Dark Horse has also published art books based on Uncharted 4, but it?s still a move fans will appreciate.

The Overwatch DLC can currently be purchased on Steam, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The game itself is available in most retail stores, proving to be a big hit on whatever system it comes out for. While it could use single-player content, it seems like most fans aren’t complaining.

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