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Overwatch DLC: New Hero Sombra Teased In Summer Games Trailer? Spanish Character Has Humor?

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Overwatch DLC

Recently, Blizzard posted a trailer for the first in-game event called the Overwatch Summer Games 2016. The trailer promised all sorts of Olympics-related cosmetics for each of the game?s characters. However, fans found some codes hidden in the Summer Games 2016 trailer that may possibly link to Sombra or the next Overwatch DLC character.

Early in the trailer, the code can be seen in Tracer?s dash trails before she jumps over the hurdle. The game?s main subreddit has been deciphering the code?s meaning. Some fans were able to read out ?salted? in the code in which “salt” is a common gaming term for gameplay-related frustration. It?s possible that Sombra or this next ?information? -focused Overwatch DLC character may have a sense of contemporary humor in the game. We can only wait for fans to decipher the full meaning of this new code.

Currently, the game is celebrating the Rio Olympic Games Rio 2016 with some festive gameplay mode and cosmetics for characters. While some characters have new athletic Legendary or country flag skins, some only have a new winning pose, in-match emote action, or a new highlight intro. These cosmetics can only be obtained through the new event loot boxes that?ll replace the regular ones through the event.

According to the official website of the game, the event will last until August 22, so you better work on grinding those levels if you want to try your luck at getting these limited edition cosmetics without spending real-world money. After the event, you might not have a chance to get such skins anymore as you?ll have to wait for the next Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018 or the next sports-based event that Overwatch decides to celebrate in the game.

Additionally, Overwatch?s first Competitive Play Season will end on August 18, so you can opt to spend your experience grinding with the increased experience gain in that mode to hunt more effectively. If you get into Overwatch?s Top 500 players, you?ll also get the season rewards along with the Overwatch Summer Games loot.

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