Overwatch DLC: New Hero Sombra To Be Revealed At SDCC 2016?

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Overwatch DLC

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed an Overwatch-related appearance with its ?Behind the Scenes of Overwatch?s Newest Hero? on the first day of the upcoming San Diego Comic Comic Con 2016, July 2. Given its self-explanatory title, this panel may hold information about the game?s next Overwatch DLC hero, but it didn?t specify who it?s going to be. Currently, Sombra, Liao, and Doomfist are rumored to be the next Overwatch heroes to be implemented in the game. However, Sombra has a more recent update from the official Overwatch Twitter account, with the post of some sort of ?medical sniper rifle.?

According to Overwatch panel?s page listed on the official Comic Con website, the event will have the Director of Story and Creative Development James Waugh, Overwatch Senior Designer Michael Chu, and Overwatch assistant art director Arnold Tsang, who will talk about the new Overwatch DLC character. No details about the next DLC character was mentioned on the panel page, so Overwatch fans and players will have to stay tuned.

Previously, the official Overwatch Twitter account posted some blueprints of a ?Prototype Biotic Rifle? that could be linked to the release of the first Overwatch DLC character. None of the current playable cast uses this weapon, nor is it a Widowmaker skin. However, the rumored ?Sombra? fits the description as she?s said to be a support sniper.

As seen in Torbjorn and Mercy?s intended design for the weapon, the medical rifle has the risk of being modded for a weaponized use rather than for medical rounds. It?s possible that the San Diego Comic Con 2016 Overwatch panel will discuss this certain image once they?re on stage. Due to the rifle?s reveal, Sombra?s chance of being announced as the fifth Support character is exponentially high. Meanwhile, apart from their initial easter eggs on blog posts and in-game props, Liao and Doomfist?s inclusion in the game is yet to be announced.

Sombra?s character details could be pieced up with the game?s map and character quote easter eggs. In the Dorado map, you can find a Classified folder with her name, and Overwatch veterans Reaper and Soldier 76 often mention her name when players pick them in the beginning of the match. Currently, Sombra?s identity and allegiance in Overwatch?s restoration is yet to be confirmed.

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