Overwatch DLC: New Hero With Medical Rifle Teased By Blizzard

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Overwatch DLC

Recently, the official Overwatch Twitter account posted a new image showing blueprints of a sniper rifle. This could be the start of Blizzard?s teases for the first Overwatch DLC character in the game. Overwatch?s Torbjorn and Mercy have comments on the rifle that is supposed to be used for medical purposes only. Previously,?Sombra? fits this weapon as she was supposed to be the ?support sniper? DLC character that was rumored to be unveiled a day before the game?s official release. Will this post be linked to the next character in the game?

As seen on the image, the ?confidential? sniper rifle is intended to be fitted with gadgets similar to Soldier 76?s Biotic Fields. The rifle was made by Torbjorn, and the creator himself ?only intended? it for medical use and healing. Despite its medical use, Mercy?s comment states that it may be modded for a weaponized use. Technically, this ?Overwatch Archive 00231? healing tool already looks like a traditional sniper rifle, and the organization has been out of commission, so this tool may already have been weaponized by the next Overwatch DLC character. Alternatively, the tool could be fitted with non-lethal and suppression shots such as tranquilizer darts, if Blizzard opts to go with a ?Support Sniper? that doesn?t interfere with Widowmaker?s gimmick.

Previously, rumors and in-game easter eggs pointed out an Overwatch character named ?Sombra.? This character is noted to have a connection with former Overwatch agents Reaper and Soldier 76, so she could also be one of Overwatch?s military experts back in the early days. Additionally, ?Sombra? is also rumored to be Pharah?s mother in the story. Fans digging up on Overwatch promotional videos have also found her prototype model. The character was noted for her mechanical face or mask and sniper rifle; she is also lined up among the Support characters of Overwatch.

Other rumored DLC characters are Liao and Doomfist, but new characters are unlikely to be released in patches as Blizzard Entertainment may be concerned with the game?s balance. Currently, Blizzard is fine tuning the game?s competitive play mode in its first ever Summer Competitive Play season. Haphazardly adding characters may ruin the game?s balance, so we might see one new character per update instead of having them in batches. At the earliest possible, we might see a new Overwatch DLC character on the two-week break after the first Competitive Play Season is done.

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