Overwatch DLC: New Characters Who Might Use Doomfist’s Gauntlet

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Overwatch DLC

The first Overwatch reveal cinematic and the Numbani map in Overwatch is central to the rumored next character in the game, Doomfist. The child in the cinematic has already revealed the capabilities of the Doomfist gauntlet and the Numbani map has shown the generation and nationality of Doomfists so far. Here?s some possibilities of the identity of a possible Doomfist character coming soon.

A young child

As seen in the game?s cinematic trailer, the disillusioned older kid in the museum used the Doomfist gauntlets in the museum against Widowmaker and broke it afterwards. The trailer established that the Doomfist hero relied more on the weapon instead of the user as it still worked even when used by a child. Making a child use the Doomfist gauntlet may surprise the fans as they expect a larger, burly, and tougher person to have the name ?Doomfist?.

Outside Reinhardt and Genji?s ultimate state, melee characters are still low in the game. Overwatch could use another ?high risk high-reward? Offense character that scraps with foes up close but will have to protect his fragile, young body with his abilities to survive the clash.

An African national

As seen in the Numbani Heritage Museum entrance base of the Defense team in Numbani, banners has been setup for a ?Doomfist: Savior or Scourge? exhibit. So far, the Doomfist gauntlet has already two recorded owners, namely the Savior Doomfist, Adhabu Ngumi, and the ?infamous Scourge of Numbani?, Akinjide Adeyemi. Meanwhile, the implied third successor of the gauntlet is written in some pictographic writing or code on the banner, or it could just be an aesthetic placeholder to fill the banner space by the museum?s management. Additionally, the ?Successor? silhouette implies a large burly man with similar physique to its previous owners that easily fits as another tank character.

The African-sounding names may imply that the Doomfist gauntlet was a hotly contested African technology in the game and may fall into a hands of another African character. So far, only the Egyptian Pharah hails from an African country so this might be a chance for Blizzard Entertainment to introduce another representative to the fictionalized future Africa in the next Overwatch DLC.

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