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Overwatch DLC: Blizzard Working On Single-Player Campaign [Rumor]

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Overwatch Valentine's Day

Recently, two job listing leaks revealed that Blizzard is working on an unannounced project that makes use of a robust first-person engine. It?s possible that Blizzard is working on a new title set to release soon, but the unannounced project could be for Overwatch. Is Blizzard?s job listing referring to an Overwatch DLC focusing on a single-player campaign?

When Blizzard introduced Overwatch to the gaming community, the developer emphasized that the game will be focused on competitive play. As such, the game had no single-player experience when it launched. Despite its lack of a single-player campaign, Overwatch carries a very deep story that is more than perfect for a shooter.

Job Listing Possibly for Overwatch?

Gamespot reports that the listing are for two software engineers that have experience in creating first-person shooters. A new title is expected from Blizzard, but Overwatch related news isn?t out of the picture yet.

Blizzard releasing a new title anytime soon looks pretty impossible for now. Blizzard hasn’t released a new IP in years before Overwatch, and this is the only?first-person shooter game the company has developed.

Overwatch DLC Features First Overwatch Members?

Many are possibly wishing for an Overwatch DLC centered on a single-player campaign featuring our favorite Overwatch agents. Blizzard might just be working on a standalone title based on the hit shooter. Moreover, a story DLC seems more likely now that the Overwatch: First Strike comic has been cancelled. However, these are only speculations and we’ll have to wait for Blizzard’s official announcement.

The game?s diverse and interesting cast of characters really call for a decent story mode. Most of the game?s story is told through character descriptions and in-game Easter Eggs. Fans are obviously aching for a deeper look into the early days of Overwatch. Specifically, fans want to see the Omnic Crisis from the eyes of the first Overwatch members.

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