Overwatch DLC: 15 New Heroes We Might See Next

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Overwatch DLC

Previously, the Overwatch Recall animated short showed more Overwatch agents than the current playable cast. Fans found 15 Overwatch agents that could potentially be released?in the future Overwatch DLC. Here?s a video from kandyrew discussing these 15 agents.

According to kandyrew, some of the 15 Overwatch agents found on the Recall animated short looked generic, while some looked unique enough to be their own character. Among the unique characters found on the list is the girl with the white hair similar to Lucio?s hairstyle and two robots that could possibly be Omnics like Zenyatta and Bastion. One of the characters is a large, red, hulking robot that could be a tank, and the other one is a regular white robot which could be a support. However, the generic-looking ones could go for a design overhaul similar to Reaper and Soldier 76, so they?re still viable to be playable characters soon. Currently, all of the 15 agents are unnamed, so they?re difficult to pinpoint.

More than just uncovering generic soldiers from the animated short, this 15 unnamed Overwatch agents info might help uncover the identities of Sombra and Liao. Despite previous fan speculation, Sombra and Liao may actually be in those 15 Overwatch agents revealed. On the other hand, fans could expect a different set of characters instead to be revealed soon.

Sombra and Liao are the notable speculated first Overwatch DLC characters in the game. Sombra is speculated to be Ana Amari, Pharah?s mother, because she uses sniper rifles to fight. Meanwhile, fans do not know anything else about Liao besides the fact that he was one of the founders of the Overwatch peacekeeping group.

Blizzard has yet to announce major updates and a new character in the game, but they?ve been releasing blog posts, animated shorts, and backstory comics that indirectly discuss the future DLC characters. Despite fans speculating and reading between the lines of Blizzard?s content, game director Jeff Kaplan said they are still far from knowing the future DLC characters. It has been confirmed though that upcoming?Overwatch DLC characters will be free along with any of the game?s future content that?s not part of the Loot Box cosmetics.

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