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Overwatch Datamine Possibly Reveals 2017 Summer Games Event

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Overwatch Datamine
Source: I found a new event in the game. thread by Reddit User 30847192 Image Link:

Overwatch dataminers have found files that show a new golden loot box. Dataminers speculate that these golden loot boxes will be used for the next Summer Games 2017 event. However, Blizzard Entertainment has yet to announce the next event for Overwatch.

Summer Games 2017?

According to iku_19’s thread on the Overwatch subreddit, the golden loot boxes are tagged with Summer Games ID in its codes. The datamined loot boxes are speculated to be used for the “Event 7,” which could be the 2017 Summer Games. Dataminers have yet to find solid confirmation that the next event is for the 2017 Summer Games event. Since the next event hasn’t been confirmed yet, fans are also considering the possibility that these new loot boxes would be released regularly without an accompanying event.

Previous Summer Games

The first major Overwatch event was the Summer Games 2016 last August. The event was intended to celebrate the 2016 Olympics that also happened in the same month. The next Olympics will be on 2020, which defeats the purpose of Blizzard Entertainment celebrating the Olympics again.

However, the event introduced the special brawl mode, Lucio Ball, which featured a Lucio-only football game in Overwatch. Armed only with their melee attack and the Soundwave ability, players will have to outscore their enemies in this modified football game. Unlike Capture the Flag game mode in the Year of the Rooster event, Lucio Ball was not included in the playable Arcade modes after the event concluded. Some fans are expecting to play this game mode again this year in some capacity.

Other Datamined Files

Fans also found other files other than the golden loot box. Reddit User 30847192 uploaded datamined golden loot box textures, update opening sounds, and new loot box opening sounds. So far, none of these sounds directly reveal any hints about the upcoming Event 7. However, the loot box fanfare sounds are similar to the Summer Games sound.

In other news, iku_19 confirms that they failed to find any files hinting about Doomfist. A previous Overwatch leak claimed that Doomfist would be implemented in the test servers during the Overwatch Anniversary Event.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Announcement

Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t spoken up about any following festivities after the Overwatch Anniversary event. The Overwatch Anniversary Event will end this June 12 and we still have two months to wait if “Event 7” will be released this coming August. For now, we’ll have to wait for the next few weeks to know more details about the next Overwatch event. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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