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Overwatch Dance Emotes Confirmed As Anniversary Event-Exclusive Items

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Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Late last month, Blizzard gave players of Overwatch more reason to log in and play by giving everyone a chance to acquire neat items from the Anniversary Event. Among these items are the fun and wacky emotes that players want to get the most after obtaining Legendary skins. Those who’ve yet to get all Overwatch dance emotes have to rush as they’ll be unavailable soon.

Players of Overwatch have been very busy these past weeks with getting all the Anniversary Event-exclusive items for the game. As always, the items will be gone from Loot Boxes once the event ends. Despite this, fans still hoped that the Overwatch dance emotes will stay even if the event is over, but Blizzard has the final word on this.

“The dance emotes are Overwatch Anniversary event items,” says Blizzard in response to a fan asking about the availability of dance emotes after the event. With the event coming to a close very soon, players will need to either buy Loot Boxes or rush to get more until the event comes to a close on June 8.

The community might not approve of the Overwatch dance emotes’ unavailability after the Anniversary Event, but this shouldn’t be a surprise though as all event items are no longer obtainable once the event ends. Till now, players are still hoping that Blizzard will give them a way to get event items even after an event is over.

Players are basically in love with the dance emotes introduced in the Anniversary Event as they are indeed some of the most fun emotes introduced in the game so far. Most of the dance emotes have an Easter Egg behind them, like how Mei’s dance is an homage to a dance from Hare Hare Yukai, a popular anime in Japan.

Blizzard is yet to reveal what time the Anniversary Event will end, but the date is set on June 8. We can expect Blizzard to reveal the event’s end time very soon. For now, players should focus on grabbing as much Loot Boxes as they can for a chance at the event items.

Players should then get ready for the next event that Blizzard is brewing. The next event could possibly be the Summer Games 2017 event that’s been the talk of the community a few weeks ago.

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