Overwatch: D.Va Voice Actress Debunks Speculations About Two ‘Exciting’ Reveals This Week

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D.Va voice actress Charlet Chung has debunked any D.Va-related reveals this week. Even though Chung shot our chances, she did confirm that two new announcements will be out this week, with one confirmed for Friday. However, we do know some other reveals which could also excite the fans.

The Two Reveals

“Friday reveal. Sneak peeks all week #hype” said D.Va’s voice actress on her official Twitter account. Chung didn’t expound on the announcement, which means we’ll just have to wait until June 23 (Friday) rolls in.

As of the moment, players can satisfy themselves by playing in the Horizon Lunar Colony map which recently rolled out on the live servers. Fans are hungry to know what’s coming up next as no updates are known after Horizon Lunar Colony.

Defense Matrix Activated

Much to the fans’ chagrin, Chung shot down any speculations about the reveal being a D.Va cinematic or comic. Fans started speculating D.VA-related content as Chung teased that she visited the Overwatch offices. This might have meant that she recorded new voice lines or general “work” as D.Va for some new Overwatch content. More than her character role reveals, Chung also shot down any Summer Games 2017 speculations. This makes sense as the leaked golden Loot Boxes are actually for Twitch Prime subscription bonuses and not for any event.

Other Potential Reveals

So far, many leaks and other Overwatch reveals could still be as exciting outside the debunked reveals. Chung only confirmed that a reveal (singular) would be shown this Friday and the second one will be announced sometime this week. Chung confirmed the second reveal in a video (around 35 minutes in) with Lucio voice Actor Jonny Cruz on Facebook. We might get the second one in short notice as the week is about to end.

Blizzard Entertainment has yet to show any hints about the next playable Overwatch hero after Orisa. Many fans speculate that it would be Doomfist as the character already appeared in Orisa’s backstory and leaks hint toward Doomfist’s appearance next. Fans even speculated a character out of the Horizon Lunar Colony reveals, which seems unlikely as the new map got released without any other content announcements with it.

On the flipside, Chung might’ve denied a D.Va cinematic or comic but it’s possible that it could be backstory content for other Overwatch characters. The last 3D animated cinematic is Infiltration, which got out before Sombra’s release. Meanwhile, the last Overwatch comic was released to prep up fans for the Uprising event which started last April.


At worst, we might get Overwatch merchandise reveals which could be similar to the Overwatch character Funko Pops, Nendoroids, and other official doodads. While these items have their own value, any reveal outside events and gameplay content only cater to people keen on collecting merchandises.

For now, we’ll just have to wait for the Overwatch team to show this “exciting” update. However, Chung did say in the Facebook video that she didn’t have the authority to announce Overwatch content. Her announcements could also be void and irrelevant with regards to gameplay content. 

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