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Overwatch Competitive Play Update: New Ruleset Adds 33% Capture Progress Requirement To Break Ties

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Overwatch Competitive Play
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Recently, Blizzard confirmed some new Overwatch competitive play ruleset changes coming to Assault and Assault/Escort maps. Apparently, players will now have to achieve at least 1% more of the enemy team’s capture point progress to win the match. Overall, this system provides players a chance to break ties without fully capturing points to defeat them.

New Ruleset

Overwatch principal designer Scott Mercer announced the upcoming Assault map ruleset on the official Overwatch forums. The new ruleset now asks players to achieve at least 33% capture progress to ensure an eligible victory advantage against an enemy team in this mode. In actual gameplay, this 33% requirement is the first notch of capture point progress checkpoint. The opposing team must achieve at least one percent more than the other team to win against them. Overall, this new ruleset allows players to have an advantage even if their team failed to fully capture a point.

Lowered Chances of Tie

However, the game will be strict about not getting the 33% capture point progression. Teams will definitely set themselves up for a losing game or a tie if they fail to reach this minimum quota for victory advantage. This new system allows leeway for all competitive players to get each ounce of progress while not necessarily compelling themselves to fully capture a point.

More player effort is recorded as winning conditions this way and prevents ties from happening. Capture point map matches ending in a tie will mean that both teams have defended well.

Squashing Competitive Play Ties

Recently, Overwatch developers are still working to lessen draw results in competitive play matches. During the start of this season, players were frustrated as failure to secure a score advantage has secured a match ending in draw or defeat. Additionally, both teams succeeding to fulfill the map’s objectives also resulted in draws.

Overall, Competitive Play was strict in enforcing players to always have a score advantage against their enemies. However, securing score advantage is often difficult and close fights would end in draw if the score is still similar. The new competitive play rules will be able to secure players more chances to aim for a victory with each progress they can get.

Lastly, this new season encourages players to stay in the Top 500 to get this season’s best rewards. Due to its more competitive requirements, players would definitely appreciate rulesets that favor more chances of winning through good, effective effort. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The Bitbag.

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