Overwatch Competitive Play: Top 500 Ranking Now Live on All Servers and Platforms

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Blizzard Entertainment has finally revealed and rolled out the Top 500 Player system on all servers and console versions of Overwatch. Competitive players are hotly contesting these spots due to the unique rewards for the Top 500 players and the late start of the game?s first Competitive Play season. Here?s the tweet confirming the release of the update to all players.

According to official post about the update, there will be specific features that?ll help players see the Top 500 players in the game. It?s been confirmed that players who reach the Top 500 ranks will be notified in-game. Additionally, the game will give them a ?special icon? that will signify that they?re part of the current Top 500 players in the game. The Top 500 ranking will be unique to the game?s PC and console servers, so rest assured that you won?t be competing with every Overwatch player in the world.

Unlike most competitive games, Overwatch has a more relaxed competitive system due to its lenient Top 500 rewarding. Blizzard has confirmed that anyone can receive the Competitive Play rewards once the season ends and they?ve reached the elite ranks at least once. Players aren?t required to hold off their spot at the Top 500 for the rewards as it?ll mean that players will have to actively maintain the ranks by continuously playing until the season ends.

Despite the promise of unique rewards, Blizzard confirmed that players must have an above 60 Skill Rating to enter the Top 500 ranks. This encourages players to climb up the ranks honestly to avoid rating demotions and steadily progress after 60. Moreover, this may inspire players to rush their ranked ladder climb in the next Overwatch Competitive Play season because it?s easier to breach the top 500 ranking when there?s nobody there yet. The game may start to scale the top 500 at the latter part of the season, and the 60 Skill Rating won?t even make the cut in the first few slots of the Top 500.

In commemoration of the first Overwatch Competitive Play Season, the game promises some animated spray of Ilios to the top 500 players. However, the top 500 players may have won enough Competitive Play matches to earn enough points and buy themselves a Golden weapon skin for their favorite characters. Players only have until August 18 to get this season?s rewards, so if you want them, keep on pushing those payloads, decisively take points, and clinch those Sudden Death modes.

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