Overwatch Competitive Play: PS4 & Xbox One Release Date Announced By Blizzard

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Overwatch Competitive Play

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the release of the Overwatch Competitive Play. The new mode came out today on PC and will be available sometime next week for the consoles. The Competitive Play mode will have quarterly seasonal shifts as confirmed in its Summer and Fall seasons. Here?s the thread discussing the upcoming update.

Competitive Play is confirmed to be released today for PC players. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait for this ranked mode update on an unspecified date next week. More than just an avenue to prove your skills to other players, the Overwatch Competitive Play mode has cosmetic rewards waiting for active players.

According to Polygon, actively participating in Competitive Play will earn you enough points to buy Golden weapon skins. Currently, it?s unknown if Competitive Play rewards switch up every season. If you?re aiming to snag a Golden weapon skin for your main or all of the game?s characters, start playing Competitive Play right away regardless if the rewards are unique to ranked mode?s season.

The first Competitive Play season in Overwatch is deemed to be late as it was supposed to have started last June 1, but the update only arrived now for PC and a week later on consoles. The first Overwatch Competitive Play season will end on August 18 on all of the game?s platforms. Players only have a month and a half instead of two months and a half to spend on climbing up the ranked ladders in the game.

Additionally, Blizzard confirmed a two-week break between Competitive Play seasons, which could be advantageous for both players and Overwatch?s developers. Players could take a break from playing constant ranked matches in Overwatch instead of constantly climbing ranks due to fear of ?ranked position decay like the ranked system in League of Legends.

Additionally, this two-week break allows the developers to review the Competitive Play mechanics and systems to improve both the ranked mode?s systems and even rebalance the characters if they?ve been too underwhelming or broken during the course of the Competitive Play season. Following the two-week break after this season?s end on August 18, the Overwatch Competitive Play season may start in early September.

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