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Overwatch Competitive Mode to Remove Sudden Death

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Overwatch?s competitive play ?is currently in a testing phase on Blizzard?s player test realm (PTR), and it looks like players aren?t happy?with the mode?s sudden death overtime period. At present, the Overwatch competitive mode consists of two rounds on the same map, with both teams getting a shot at attacking and defending. If the initial pair of rounds result in a tie, the game is taken to a sudden death period with team roles being determined by a coin flip.

Overwatch Competitive Mode Needs More Adjustments Says Blizzard

The design and layout of some of Overwatch?s maps gives inherent advantages to certain sides. This makes the sudden Death format a bit of a crap shoot, as the coin flip is the only determining factor that decides which team gets to play as the attacker or defender.

In the Overwatch forums, Game Director Jeff Kaplan addressed these concerns in a lengthy post. He says that the development team is definitely looking at overhauling the current sudden death system, outlining both short-term and long-term solutions for the problem.

In the short term, Blizzard is looking at reducing the amount of matches that enter sudden death by ensuring that competitive games end within the first two rounds. They?ve achieved this by tweaking the time limits on certain maps.

For the future, Kaplan says that he and his team are working on more drastic solutions.

?Right now we?re exploring ways to allow for matches that would otherwise result in Sudden Death to instead resolve in a draw where neither team wins or loses. In that situation, our goal would be to make sure the match still felt rewarding for both teams, and that players could walk away feeling like it was time well invested.?

To read the full breakdown of Blizzard?s plans for the sudden death problem in the?Overwatch competitive mode, check out the?official forum post.

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