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Overwatch Competitive Mode: Everything You Need To Know About Ranked Play

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After a bit of fine tuning, Blizzard finally rolled out Overwatch?s much anticipated competitive mode on PC yesterday. However, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users will have to wait until next week for it. If you?ve been playing since the game?s launch and are itching for a new challenge, look no further than this. However, before you jump into Overwatch competitive play, there are a few prerequisites you have to meet. Here?s everything you need to know.

You Need to Be At Least Level 25

Before even thinking about entering the Overwatch competitive mode, you?ll need to hit level 25 first. We have some guides to help you make the climb as easy as possible, so feel free to check them out.

Placement Matches

Once you?re at level 25, you can begin taking the first step to finally enter into the ranked mode. You?ll need to play through 10 placement matches to determine your initial skill rating. This value is calculated based on your individual performance and win/loss record during the placement process.

Ranked Play

Once you?ve played your 10 placement matches, you?re officially entered into ranked play. Ranked matches are made up of two rounds, with each team getting a shot at playing as Attackers and Defenders. If the game ends in a stalemate, you?ll have to go through the much-criticized Sudden Death overtime period to decide who the winner is. We?ve previously written about the current problems players are having and what Blizzard?s plan for the future is.

Seasons and Rewards

Aside from the obvious bragging rights, the main draw of Overwatch competitive?play are competitive points, a special currency you can use to purchase golden gun skins. Additional rewards are also earned for making it to the top 500 of the individual player rankings at the end of each season.

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