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Overwatch Competitive Games Shift To Winston Meta

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Overwatch Competitive Games
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Due to the character nerfs and buffs in Overwatch, many competitive Overwatch players are now relying on Winston. Win rate records show an increase of average victories when playing as the gorilla scientist in matches.

OmnicMeta’s report confirms of Winston’s rise in competitive use due to the new updates. The “Dive Composition” strategy is still alive as Winston is central in making the tactic work efficiently. Additionally, the other mobile tank, D.Va, is also steadily getting popular starting from Gold to Master rank. Mobile tanks are all the rage right now.

Currently, these characters are enjoying spotlight as Roadhog’s nerfs have severely changed him from his previous popularity. Roadhog can’t easily kill enemies off a hook as he previously used to. Apart from his strong combo, Roadhog is a close-range threat which forces enemy teams to be careful to go in and not recklessly start teamfights with him around. Without his threatening presence, many characters, like Winston and D.Va, enjoys initiating teamfights now with Roadhog being benched due to his nerfs.

However, the overall gameplan in Competitive Play still remains to be building a “Dive Composition”. This composition requires a Lucio and Winston to make it work and involves aggressive tactics to wipe out teams as fast as possible. Both heroes set up the teamfight and try to wipe out the enemy team to push out their objective. Both Offense and Defense teams consider making dive comp as it’s an overwhelming tactic at the moment.

Countering Winston is easy as he’s one of the softer tanks in the roster. Reaper can easily chunk him off  due to his big hitbox. Mei and Symettra can also slow and peel Winston’s health if he goes too deep and fails to escape. However, the dive composition meta focuses on keeping their whole team healthy with sustained heals no matter what. Be prepared to give it your all if you ever face the waves of Winston matches coming your way.

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