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Overwatch Christmas Update: Mei Buff In Snowy Holiday Event?

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Overwatch Christmas Update

Recently, the Overwatch Twitter account announced the start date for the upcoming Overwatch Christmas update. One Twitter user asked about Mei?s abilities being amplified in the snowy areas in this patch which Blizzard answered vaguely. Will we receive a Mei Buff this coming Overwatch Christmas event?

Christmas Mei Buff?

As seen on the Overwatch Twitter account, Twitter user PolyParadyme suggested that Mei?s attacks get stronger due to the colder weather in the event maps. The official Overwatch Twitter account replied with a gif image. Potentially, Blizzard Entertainment may have at least one surprise coming to Mei in this Overwatch Christmas update.

No Mei Buff Please

Meanwhile, players on the Overwatch Reddit may not want Blizzard Entertainment to buff Mei in this Overwatch Christmas update. Reddit user Rainbowmint explains that buffing Mei would be like giving D.Va more health. Effectively, buffing Mei?s damage, range and overall offense stats would be pushing the game back to its early builds. At the beginning of Overwatch, Mei is extremely good as her primary fire was good at crowd control and even fighting duels against any character. Players had to be extra careful or send at least two teammates to deal with her.

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Overwatch Christmas Event So Far

Currently, only the Overwatch Christmas event invitation is the official announcement we have. Previously, many voice lines were datamined in the Overwatch Public Test Region that hints upcoming Overwatch events. Halloween, Christmas and New Year events were found in the game?s voice lines, so some fans might already be prepared for this upcoming Overwatch Christmas update.

At best, players should keep playing until they earn around 3000 points to buy the Christmas-themed skins in the game. If the Overwatch Christmas update holds a themed event, it?s possible that themed loot boxes will also be released for the event?s duration. Players shouldn?t rush to reset their level as a previous Overwatch update recalibrated the game?s experience systems to avoid camping those early Lootbox levels. For now, we?ll just have to wait until next Tuesday to see what Blizzard Entertainment has in store for the Overwatch Christmas event.

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