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Overwatch Christmas Skins, Event Game Modes, & Other Cosmetic Items Added

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Overwatch Christmas skins are now available for the players after some teasing from its developers, Blizzard. Overwatch?s Winter Wonderland Update is now live along with 12 new holiday-themed Epic and Legendary-grade skins. As a matter of fact, the update actually brought 100 new cosmetic items if sprays, victory poses, highlight intros, emotes, and profile icons are included.

Overwatch Christmas Skins

Most of the new stuff are showcased in the video here or in the screenshots below, courtesy of the website PC Gamer. On the other hand, further Overwatch Winter Wonderland Christmas update patch details can be found below.

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Overwatch Christmas Skins & Winter Wonderland Event

Winter Wonderland update is a limited time event that runs from December 13 until January 2, 2017. In addition to Christmas skins, it also adds a new game mode and several other changes to the game. Apparently, all in-game Loot Boxes have now been replaced with wrapped Winter Loot Boxes.

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These boxes are filled with over 100 brand new cosmetic trimmings, according to Blizzard?s post. In addition, Winter Loot Boxes can be purchased or earned which is similar to the previous events. Winter Loot Box will contain at least one item from the game?s 2016 Winter Wonderland Collection.

The said items include Overwatch Christmas skins, highlight intros, victory poses, sprays, profile icons, and more. It is important to know that the contents of each seasonal loot box are random. Fortunately, players can unlock a variety of these cordial customization options using the Hero Gallery throughout the Winter Wonderland event duration.

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Overwatch Christmas Skins & Other Event Items Are Permanent

Once the players have unlocked an item, it will be theirs forever. However, it should be noted?that the items can never be earned once the event has concluded. In this case, players should fire up the game now to start gathering up all the event items before it?s too late.

Mei?s Snowball Offensive Game Mode

The new game mode that is included in the latest update is called Mei?s Snowball Offensive. It is a 6v6, single elimination affair in which players shoot each other using a bunch of fire snowballs. While it only takes one snowball to eliminate an opponent, missing a single shot would leave the players vulnerable to others.

Because of this, players should rush to the nearest snow pile to reload. It is important to realize that having your weapons empty would bring a huge advantage to the opposing enemies. Fortunately, players can cover their retreat with Cryofreeze and ice walls to block the opposing enemies? attacks.

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