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Overwatch Christmas Comic ‘Reflections’: Widowmaker’s Dead Husband, Newly Revealed Couples, And More Big Reveals

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Overwatch Christmas Comic

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment released the Overwatch Christmas comic called ?Reflections.? The comic showed more of Tracer?s backstory and the rest of the cast celebrating the holiday. Interestingly, Tracer?s orientation reveal and Widowmaker visiting her dead husband seems to be a good mark in future Overwatch updates. Here?s what we know so far about the Overwatch Christmas comic.


According to the official Overwatch site, the Overwatch Christmas comic has just been released on December 20. The comic?s story shows Tracer trying to buy a certain scarf as shops close down. Meanwhile, Winston is expecting her to attend the dinner he set up in his place. More than just a deadline dilemma, the comic also shows the other Overwatch cast celebrating the holidays too. In the end, Tracer manages to get the specific scarf she needs and also attends Winston?s party.

Gerard Lacroix

Widowmaker is seen visiting her dead husband?s grave in the Overwatch Christmas comic. Widowmaker?s story states that she was tortured and trained to become an efficient assassin by an evil organization and she even killed her husband. Despite this, Widowmaker may still have affection for her dead husband despite the events that happened. Ana and Widowmaker can also be heard bickering about Gerard?s death in the game if they happen to be on the same team.

However, most of the Overwatch characters tend to have ?supposed to be dead? backstories like Ana and Soldier 76. Potentially, Gerard Lacroix has a chance to return as a playable character and could have actually survived after all. However, fans will have to wait and see if he?s still with Overwatch or Talon. Lastly, we?ll have to wait for the exact events that transpired which led to Gerard Lacroix?s ?death? in the Overwatch universe.

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Tracer?s Girlfriend Other Couples

As seen in the Overwatch Christmas comic, Tracer and Emily share a kiss after Tracer successfully gives her the scarf she wanted. This opens up many possibilities of more LGBT characters in Overwatch. Overwatch has been including many progressive character showcases like the Human-Omnic couple in the Alive animated short and Zarya?s depiction of a strong woman. Blizzard Entertainment and Overwatch developers may openly implement more LGBT or progressive characters in the future with this reveal.

Other Overwatch characters and couples can also be seen interacting in the comic. Pharah seems to be eating dinner with an older man which could be her father. Meanwhile, Pharah’s mother, Ana, is with Soldier 76 as they’re both supposed to be dead and can’t appear publicly. Torbjorn seems to be spending time with a beautiful woman too. Genji seems to have written a letter to Mercy as seen in the comic. Albeit ominous, Reaper seems to be observing a family. However, Symettra, Lucio, and Mei are nowhere to be found in this comic.

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