Overwatch Chinese Ripoff: League of Titans Gets Collective Shame, Blizzard?s Game Gets High Sales In China

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Despite League of Titans creators defending their game and releasing it only as a mobile title, Overwatch fans know it as the ?Overwatch Chinese ripoff.? League of Titans is known for its blatant borrowing and repurposing of Overwatch characters. As much as it may sound offensive or funny to some Overwatch fans, Chinese players are apparently not happy when a ripoff of a known game overseas gets released in their country. Here?s what we know so far about this issue.

According to a translated Chinese news interview from MMOCulture, Legend of Titans will be a free-to-play ?web browser and mobile phones? game complete with in-app purchases. Releasing the game on mobile and PC prevents it from competing with Blizzard?s game. However, avoiding direct competition with Overwatch doesn?t save the game from backlash if the developers continue to push it even if it has illegally borrowed and unofficially repurposed characters from Overwatch. Here?s a video from BogsySenpai showing the Legend of Titans trailer.

In the 2:12:47 mark of the Super Best Friendcast podcast episode 150, a Chinese-American citizen working in the Chinese gaming industry voiced out the general thoughts of the Chinese players on the issue. According to czihihong?s Reddit thread, Overwatch was able to beat Diablo 3?s 1 million sales, so that?s an estimate of over 1 million Overwatch players in China. The Chinese-American?s letter states that most non-free to play games released in China ?immediately fail in a mass market sense.?

According to the letter, a game like Legend of Titans is ?a real point of shame for the Chinese gaming community and Chinese development scene,? so even Chinese players are well aware of and are even part of the negative views about the Overwatch Chinese ripoff?s existence. Super Best Friendcast notes that ?Chinese protectionism? in international lawsuits makes it difficult for international companies to shut down some of their Chinese knockoffs.

News about this Overwatch Chinese ripoff game with similar character designs has surfaced online a couple of months ago. The promotional poster showed characters with similar designs to Pharah, Tracer, and Reinhardt, who definitely are Overwatch Chinese ripoff versions of Blizzard?s colorful cast of heroes, as discussed on Rebirdhk?s Reddit thread last May. Due to Chinese companies previously releasing games that definitely violates some international copyright laws, such as Final Combat and 300 Heroes, reception of this Overwatch Chinese ripoff game is mixed. Some players are actually angry that nothing substantial like a complete ripoff shutdown is happening about the issue, while others find it funny due to the game?s blatant existence despite it clearly violating copyright laws.

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