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Overwatch: Chinese Ripoff ‘Hero Mission’ Closed Beta On June 23, Here’s How To Get In

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Source: Hero Mission Official Site

A specific part of Chinese game developers is up at their ripoff game again as Hero Mission enters its closed beta on Android and iOS this June 23. This game borrows most of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch characters and just reskins them to be different characters. Curious players can try out this game through accessing the Chinese app store.

Closed Beta Starts June 23

As seen on its forums, the Hero Mission closed beta starts this June 23 and ends on June 29. The week-long closed beta can be played anytime during its active days and will be open to anybody. The new updates for this include three new heroes, namely, Ji Mo Fei, Stephen, and Dr. Wang Gai. Sadly, the closed beta is only for Android users.

Chinese App Store Access

Even though the Hero Mission’s closed beta is available to the public, the only issue will be finding this game on the Chinese app store. Players can refer to known Chinese app store applications like Myapp or QQ to check this closed beta out. The developers have yet to show any links or .apk downloads for this beta.

Character Cast

Hero Mission characters aren’t exactly ripoffs as they have a few features that differentiate them from the Overwatch cast. However, Hero Mission’s character looks and playstyle feel too similar as if you’re just playing an Overwatch character with a different skin.

Many of these characters take liberties not only from Overwatch but other series. It could’ve been okay if they were more subtle with the reference instead of outright copying the concepts. With these characters, they might’ve avoided some brunt of potential Blizzard Entertainment’s legal actions through gaining more copyright strikes from other media companies. Activision has previously struck down “League of Titans” and we’ll have to wait if this game will also be taken down soon.

Getting In

The only advantage of this Chinese ripoff from Overwatch is that it costs nothing to play it and is on a mobile phone. Players will just need to register an account from its main site. However, the title seems to be asking players for their phone numbers, and possibly Chinese phone numbers at that. We’ll have to wait on June 23 to see if some players find a way to introduce players into this title.

On the PC and consoles, players also have access to free Overwatch alternatives like Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins and Gearbox Software’s Battleborn. Their characters are different but they do have a similar objective-focused shooting gameplay. For now, we’ll have to see if Hero Mission gets successful in the future. If Moonton made it with Mobile Legends, Hero Mission does have a good chance in the mobile market.

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